The farm


Blue House Greenhouse began in the spring of 2010 as a backyard experiment in growing vegetable seedlings in a compost-heated greenhouse. Soon the seedlings grew along with our ambitions and we began to sell the plants to friends, neighbors, and passersby on weekends in front of our house (which was blue). Hence the name, blue house greenhouse! Blue House Greenhouse Farm has now grown into a cooperative farming operation managed by Amanda Morse, Gentiana Loeffler, and Adam Marx with immense support from volunteers, friends, and family. The farm is located on in the midst of a changing landscape of urban renewal and dense urbanization. Using sustainable farming practices, we grow a variety of vegetables for our community and ourselves. We choose to farm in the city because we believe that food should be grown close to eaters, and that farming in the city can be productive and beneficial-by greening our urban environment and making part of our food system visible. Vegetables are for sale through our CSA and to restaurants!

If you want to read old blog posts that we started back in 2010 and got too tired to continue writing, you can find them here.